What’s with the Name?

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First things first. Here’s a little about the bikini:

Top: Cupshe $19.99 Size small. (fabulous little website for inexpensive swimsuits. I’ll admit that the material doesn’t feel like the best quality, but for the price, you also receive a matching pair of bottoms. Downside – hopefully your top and bottom size are the same).

Bottom: Target $17.99 Size small. (They were $14.99 in store).

Okay, here goes nothing! Welcome to my style blog, Suburban Mango. Why the name, you ask? Well, despite its randomness, I actually spent a solid 3 days trying to come up with it. Why are names so hard!? After some semi-intensive research into other fashion blogs, and blogs about blogs about blogs, I came up with this criteria. 1. It had to relate to me. 2. It had to look pretty 3. It had to sound trendy. 4. The name had to be available both as a URL and an Instagram name. No adding underscores or numbers nonsense, (shoot me). So, let’s start with criteria 1…

It was easy enough putting trendy words together, but to make sure they related to me and felt authentic was a different story. I found myself being extra picky. I liked the idea of using a play on idioms like “short and sweet.” The opposite, I thought, could be “Tall and Sour.” Now, that sounds like a cool blog name! But was it me? No, I’m neither especially tall, nor do I consider myself to be a sour person. Feel free to use that one if you’re reading this thinking about starting your own blog. Next, I thought of “Haute Chocolate.” Anyone who knows me, knows my unhealthy obsession/addiction with chocolate. “Haute,” added the perfect clever fashionista twist. But alas, someone had beaten me to it. I’ll spare you the long list of other rejected words, but eventually my food related train of thought brought me to “Mango.” Mangos are my favorite fruit and I just so happen to think the spelling is aesthetically pleasing in every font (criteria 2 – check). But it couldn’t just be “Mango,” by itself.

After another day of brainstorming and nearly throwing in the towel after every new name I loved was already taken as a URL, “suburban,” finally entered my brain. I just so happen to live in the suburbs so it relates to me AND, most importantly, it wasn’t taken. Put it together, Suburban Mango. Sold. Case closed, and I can finally embark on this new blogging journey.


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