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Warning, long post ahead. Sorry!

So what got this whole thing started? And what makes me think I have a chance at competing with the millions of other fashion/style blogs? Well, to be honest, the answer to the latter is I kinda don’t care. I’m doing this for me first. My whole life I’ve had an interest in fashion, fashion design and art in general. I can remember having this sketch book as a kid and filling it with different clothing ideas. I also remember my mom’s friend giving me stacks of Style Magazines…I ripped out my favorite outfits and taped them to my bedroom walls. I specifically remember thinking I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little. But as I got older and finished high school I started to realize that becoming a fashion designer might not be the most dependable career choice. I ended up majoring in a more practical career path – graphic design. But the school I went to was small and definitely not known for its arts programs. I feel that about 60% of what I know how to do now was self taught through work experience, no thanks to my $40,000+ student debt, (another topic I could go off on…another blog, another time). In hindsight, I think that money would’ve been better spent on some sort of fashion school…but everything happens for a reason and I met my husband at the college I attended so that was worth it on it’s own. I like to joke that I spent 40 grand to find a husband, not an education. Lol. Anyway, (getting off topic, sorry), after college I basically gave up on any dreams of doing something fashion related because I figured I didn’t have a competitive edge since I didn’t attend fashion school. But it’s funny how God works.

After school, I found a graphic design job working for a tiny company that made temporary tattoos. You know those metallic tattoos that became so trendy a couple years ago for Coachella season? Yea, I designed those things! That job was fun, but when it was time for the next thing, a little friend named Craigslist steered me towards a new job that would revive my old fashion dreams. But I didn’t know it at the time. The ad on craigslist didn’t give any mention whatsoever to fashion or even clothing, nor was I even trying to find clothing related jobs. I just thought it was another graphic design job making web banners and info graphics. I might be over glamorizing my earlier sentence because the job ended up being designing for cycling kits. Yup, cycling kits! Those goofy spandex outfits you see people wearing on their bicycles as you try not to hit them. Who woulda thunk!? But why did this job revive my fashion dreams? Well, eventually the company I worked for hired this awesome lady (you know who you are) to come in and revamp their woman’s line. She had such an open minded, exciting, and really fashionable approach to everything she touched. She would use anything for inspiration from current trends to high fashion brands, to pillows, to magazine clippings, to skateboards, etc. We worked together to come up with fun and fresh new designs for the brand and I had so much fun doing it. Even though it was just cycling apparel, I feel like it gave me a glimpse into fashion design and I loved it. Seeing something I helped design finally sewn up and able to be worn was so rewarding and exciting. I can now confidently say that working with apparel is my passion and I want to stay in the industry as long as I can. I’m even considering getting a sewing machine to learn more.

But back to why I started this blog. Unfortunately, the company I worked for suffered a hit with the ever changing consumer market, as have many brands lately and company layoffs led to my current unemployment. With my new found free time, I decided now was the perfect time to start a blog. I’ve been curious about starting one for a while. Heck, what doesn’t sound fun about playing dress up and taking cute pictures? The me from a few months ago probably would’ve turned the idea down with excuses like, “there’s already enough blogs out there,” and, ” I don’t have a professional camera or photographer,” and, “isn’t it kind of embarrassing and vain that I want to take pictures of myself and post them on the internet?” That last one still sorta bothers me but then I just think F**k it! I already waisted enough time thinking I wasn’t cut out for a fashion related career after college. Doubts and fears shouldn’t be stopping me from doing something I know I like to do. So that’s why I don’t care about competing with other fashion blogs, at least for now. For now, I’m doing this for me, simply because I like it, and I hope some of you might find some outfit inspo in the meantime 😉

PS. I unfortunately don’t have a lot of info on the piecesI’m wearing as some, like the necklace and hat were gifts, and the top and skirt are from a store that doesn’t sell online. But if you’re in the San Marcos area, it’s a great boutique with reasonable prices!

Crop Top: $19 ish Live Clothing

Skirt: $34 ish  Live Clothing


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