Palm Springs Getaway

2nd annual Memorial weekend Palm Springs getaway complete with pool toys, amazing friends, too much drinking, and one overly hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity. Not sure what else to say except for my “basic-ness” has finally hit a peak with the cliché swan floatie pics…I’m not mad about it 😉


O U T F I T  D E E T S:

Blue Striped Button Up: $17.90 Forever21

Denim Shorts: $19.90 Forever21

Baby Blue Heels: $27.90 Forever21 (very similar)

Orange Bathing suit top: $19.90 Forever21

High Wasited Tropical Bathing suit Bottoms: $15.90 Forever21 (similar)

Orange One Piece Bathing Suit: I bought it on the sale rack at H&M and unfortunately, I can’t find it online 😦 But I was inspired by this one from Ayra Swim.

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