OOTD and Baby Steps! Thoughts from a Newbie Style Blogger…

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I’ve been thinking about how I can add more content to my blog. As I’ve written before, I’m mostly doing this style blog thing as a fun hobby for my own entertainment. But at the same time, I feel the pressure to live up to my favorite fashion blogs and offer detailed, thorough blog posts with new ideas or tips and also contain high quality, interesting and cohesive photos for every post. Now, I haven’t exactly been living up to that standard thus far but I do feel that pressure and sometimes it prevents me from doing a post because I think it won’t be good enough.

Before I started this blog, I researched what others had to say about fashion/style blogging. They all pretty much said the same thing: If you want to be successful and maybe even make money, it’s A LOT of work and very time consuming. I knew I wasn’t looking to make a full blown career out of professional blogging so I knew I wouldn’t be putting the same amount of time/work/detail into my posts as other professionals. But that pressure to gain followers by having constant interesting content is still there! And I have to confess, I’ve definitely still had it in the back of mind, that maybe this could become successful and I day dream about one day getting free clothes in the mail and invites to extravagant events in far away locations.

But, I’ve realized it’s way too easy to compare yourself to others, get discouraged, and quit. Whether you’re trying to achieve a fitness goal, career path, or in my case – blogging, there’s always someone to compare yourself to. When you do that, the progress you’ve made suddenly feels minuscule in comparison to the mountain of accomplishment someone else has already made. Like the idea of having a successful money making blog like WeWoreWhat seems so far away and impossible. That’s why I think it’s important to make smaller, feasible goals along the way.

If I would’ve let comparison get in the way, I would’ve NEVER even started this blog. “Just buy the damn URL name,” I told myself. That was the first small goal. The other thing that helped me get over this hurtle was reassuring myself that this is something I really enjoy doing. And it is! I love fashion. I love researching trends, putting together outfits, taking fun pictures, etc. So I decided this would be for me, just for fun. Yes, in the back of my mind, I still have the thought of turning this into a major success, but I find that those thoughts can sometimes turn into discouragement because they seem so hard to reach. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to have grand ambitions, but for me at least, it helps to have the baby steps mentality. That’s why, again, I’m telling myself this is a hobby, for my own entertainment – for now. Otherwise, the pressure of needing to be successful is overwhelming.

So this is my baby step – just practice getting content out there and don’t compare my posts to other blogs. I have to laugh as I’m writing this because when I started this post I was just going to explain that I’m starting a new serious of OOTD posts that are short and straight to the point. And it turned into this essay, haha!

…So yea, the original point of this post was to say that in order to get more content published on my blog, I’m going to start a OOTD category where I just post a few pics of an outfit with the outfit deets and that’s it. I will do this in addition to my more detailed posts as well. Apologies for this long essay, but perhaps some of you can relate 🙂

Happy Shopping!

Red Ruffle Shirt: $29 H&M  (I’m wearing a size 6)

Shorts: $19.90 Forever21

Fringe Sandals: $16.99 (currently on sale!) Forever21

Necklaces: Forever21

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