OOTD 9.15.17 & Some Venting


So if you read my very first “OOTD” post, you might of got the impression I was going to start posting more. Psych! What can I say? Life just happens. By life, I mean I fell into a slump of self pity about not having a “real job” yet, and subsequently lost all motivation (the opposite of what I needed). I guess what I was thinking was if I can’t find a job, then what does that say about my blogging? I shouldn’t even be blogging. I should be focusing all energy towards applications and interviews. But then I started feeling sad that I wasn’t nurturing my blog and ultimately felt like a failure at not one but two things. Job hunting, and blogging. I also forgot why I started blogging. I started it because it’s something I like doing. I get excited about photoshoots. I feel good after I create a post. So eventually, I had a thought. I decided it was time to do a photoshoot – finally. I took a small break from job hunting, threw on some clothes and snapped some pics with my hubs behind the camera. And you know what? I got my motivation back! Maybe it’s because blogging is something I can control and it feels good to have something under control…woah, deep. (Thinking as I’m writing here). And you know what they say about everything in moderation? I know I can’t ignore job hunting, but as long as I can keep a good balance between job applications and blog posts, I’ll feel like I’m somewhat in control. Yea, my posts still won’t be perfectly organized, edited, and categorized (so time consuming), but at least I’ll get some done! End venting session. So without further adieu, here are the outfit deets for the above!

Loving long long long coats, jackets, cardigans, etc for fall! And captains hats just add the perfect little french girl fashion flare 😉

Satin Crop Top: Found this on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. No longer online 😦 But here’s a similar one at Forever21

Longline Black Duster: $29.99 Forever21 (Looks like they’re only selling it in nude now) or I’m also dying over this one in lavender!

Jeans: $17.90 Forever21

Shoes: $27 Shein

Hat: $17.99 (the ever so slightly changed the design from the one I have) H&M


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