Our Maternity Pics!

This photoshoot was such a sweet, thoughtful surprise. I originally wasn’t going to do maternity photos because Trav and I needed to replace our air conditioning and I figured I could save money by just setting up the tripod and doing them DIY style. Unbeknownst to me, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law coordinated with a photographer and paid for a maternity session as my baby shower gift! It was so thoughtful and special, I will remember that forever!

As for the theme for the shoot, I wanted to try something a little different. I love this little area in Temecula called Vail Headquarters. It has some cute, old restored building and I especially love the ice cream shop. I thought it would be kinda fun to play off the whole pregnancy cravings thing and also an excuse to eat some ice cream 😉

Our amazing photographer, Brittany (@brittanyhardyphotography) was so easy going and fun. Trav and I had a blast working with her and are so beyond happy with the photos!

Below are some of my favs. I especially love the ones of us eating the ice cream. The back story on those are that Trav had uncontrollable hiccups and at one point I spit my ice cream out on him from laughing so hard. Haha.

For the full set of photos, check out the slideshow at the bottom 🙂

(Oh! And both dresses are from Forever21)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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