1 Thing to Remember this Valentine’s

One too many episodes of the Bachelor coupled with the roses Travis got me for our 10 year dating anniversary and I got all #inspired to do a Valentines photo shoot. Of course, my original vision was to create perfectly curated, Pinterest worthy pics of Ryker smiling and giggling, but lets be real. These days, I’m lucky enough to finish my cup of coffee before Ryker wakes up from his nap. You probably already noticed the picture frames above my bed are off center. They’ve been like that for over a year, ever since we rearranged some furniture and now it’s an ongoing joke. Just another thing on my honey-do list. I also don’t have matching lamps, and the right side nightstand is cluttered with baby things. Not to mention, the bed is fuzzy with dog and cat hair (thank you filters for hiding that). Pretty much, the only perfect thing in these photos is Ryker himself…even though he’s not smiling (lol).

But all in all, I still cherish these pics. I know when I look back on these years from now, I’m not going to care about all the things that are out of place. Ryker and I will laugh looking at his frowny baby self. And I will ugly cry over the fact he isn’t a baby anymore.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t wait to have everything perfectly organized in your life before taking time to create memories. ❤

That’s it =)

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