8 Postpartum Style Tips

  1. Just go ahead and size up in a new pair of jeans (or several)
    • You just pushed a brand new human through your hoo haa. Your body is pretty damn amazing. Do me a favor and don’t punish yourself by waiting to fit back into your old jeans. Size up, and treat yourself to some new denim. I love these from American Eagle. The fit is literally called “Mom Jean.”
  2. Put some of your old clothes in storage for a while.
    • Continuing the theme from above, I get that it can be a little discouraging to have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit anymore. But just remember, your body is amazing. I really believe you should reward yourself rather than feel bummed out. Get some storage bins and put some of those “too small” items in storage for a while. Out of site, out of mind.
  3. Buy a fanny pack or 5.
    • I haven’t carried a purse since having Ryker. I’m glad fanny packs and their cousin, the “belt bag,” are so in right now. They’re so convenient, I’ll probably keep using them even after they go out of style again. #NoShame. Forever21 has so many right now.
  4. Hair Accessories.
    • Babies love to grab hair so you’re gonna want to get it out of the way. The trusty old hairband works, but there’s plenty of cute alternatives like hair scarves, trendy scrunchies, hair pins etc. I also love the bangles by Maria Shireen which camouflage a regular old tie as a piece of jewelry.
  5. Victoria’s Secret Wireless T-Shirt Bra
    • Is it just me, or is kinda hard to find good nursing bras with some push up? The T-shirt bra isn’t an official nursing bra, but it’s very comfortable, and flexible, yet will hold its shape. The material is thick enough that it hides the nip, and it offers good support, and a little bit of push up. Also, there’s no underwire. To nurse, I just pull it down and fold under my boob. Did I mention it comes in 32 color options?
  6. Nurse with style – where there’s a will, there’s a way.
    • You are not doomed to only wearing nursing specific tops. In the early newborn days, yes they are helpful. But not a necessity for the entire duration you’re nursing. You can still wear most regular tops. Look for blouses, crop tops, stretchy materials, criss cross fronts, etc. Anything with easy access to the tatas. For dresses, I’ve even worn shorts underneath in order to be able to pull it up.
  7. Spanx/Waist Trainers
    • Do I need to explain? They just smooth everything out!
  8. Black High Waist leggings – Duh.
    • I hear amazing things about the Lululemon Align legging for both pregnancy and postpartum. I have yet to spend the $$$ on them but they’re on my shopping list. If you’re having trouble spending the cash like me, you can also try Marshall’s. They usually offer a decent selection of brands and I’ve never spend more than $30 on a pair there.

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